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Rytec High Performance Doors for Car Dealerships

Rytec is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high performance doors for commercial and industrial environments. When you buy a Rytec door you not only get high speed and high performance, you get the backing of the undisputed leader in the industry. That means the comfort of working with a company known around the world for making doors that work day in and day out, cycle after cycle.
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Experience the Benefits, Advantages, and ROI Rytec High Performance Doors Have to Offer

  • Lower Energy Costs: Whether it’s the service bay or the drive-in customer service entrance, less air infiltration leads to better climate control and lower heating and cooling costs. This benefit alone can justify the cost of the doors in busy dealerships.
  • Increased Productivity: Waiting periods for conventional overhead doors are eliminated. Minutes can add up to hours of non-productive time. The time saved over a year can easily justify the cost of the doors.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Unlike conventional overhead doors, Rytec doors are engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments and require only minimal maintenance. Since bumps will happen, Rytec fabric roll doors are designed to withstand vehicle impact and be reset without tools in just seconds.
  • Improved Working Environment: Due to the nationwide shortage of highly-skilled automobile technicians, many dealerships are looking for ways to attract and retain the best mechanics available. By better maintaining service bay temperatures and offering a modern, architecturally-inspired look, Rytec doors help improve the working environment which dramatically improves employee morale and pride. Satisfied employees stimulate and improve customer satisfaction.

Rytec Spiral FV

Take one look at the Spiral® FV (Full View) door in action and it makes an immediate impression. With an ultra-high opening speed of up to 100 inches per second, it’s extremely fast. Yet for all that speed, its unique Spiral® technology keeps it whisper-quiet. And its top-to-bottom full-width window slats provide a full view for an extra measure of safety at the threshold. Not to mention, a sharp, high-tech look. All of which promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations. For modern production and commercial environments with high traffic, the Spiral FV will take your facility’s look and efficiency to a higher plain.
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Rytec Fast-Seal

When it was introduced with the first-ever Break-Away™ bottom bar, the Fast-Seal high speed roll door changed the industry forever. Suddenly, a roll door was able to take a hit without suffering damage. It is this concept around which the high speed door industry has grown. But no other manufacturer has matched the dependability or durability of the Fast-Seal with the original Break-Away bottom bar. This, along with its patented counterbalance and tension system, is why the Fast-Seal remains the best exterior high speed door on the market today. Fast-Seal is a natural choice for car dealerships looking for high performance and ROI.
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Rytec PredaDoor NXT

Rytec has taken the PredaDoor, the industry’s top selling high performance door, and added NXT generation features to offer the most advanced direct drive roll door available, the PredaDoor NXT. The Predadoor NXT offers a tighter seal and an advanced wireless safety system. It is durable and can take a hit. The NXT Quick-Set™ repair system engages with the push of a button after aligning the bottom bar. The PredaDoor NXT offers high performance for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance and dependability are critical. A 2 year warranty on materials & workmanship makes it the best value in the business.
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Rytec Spiral

With an opening speed of up to 60 inches per second, the Rytec Spiral® door offers the speed you need for high-traffic situations. Rigid, aluminum slat construction eliminates any need for a second overnight security door. Crisp lines give the Spiral door a stylish look that’s great for all kinds of commercial, institutional, as well as industrial applications. Because its anodized aluminum will not corrode, you can count on that look to last for many years under even the worst weather conditions.
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American Door and Dock, Chicagoland’s Proven Rytec High Performance Door Solution Experts

  • We know Rytec high performance doors inside and out, and we have many successful high speed & specialty door projects for car dealerships under our belts. Our Rytec high performance door solutions are ideal for applications in almost any car dealership.
  • We recognize and consult with you on opportunities to increase your operating efficiency and productivity with Rytec high performance doors. Low cycle life? Slow speeds? Lost energy due to slow speeds? Easily worn out parts and wait time on repairs? Limited durability in high cycle areas? Our Rytec solution specialists can help with high performance door options custom tailored to your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • We’re dedicated to delivering measurable ROI with Rytec high performance door solutions. Our strategic consulting, planning, and implementation approach yields tangible results for you from day one. See anything you like?
    • Reduced energy costs.
    • Increased productivity with opening & closing speeds up to 180 inches per second.
    • Lower overall operating costs.
    • Lower transmission of contaminants.
    • High cycle capabilities with 1 million+ cycles and minimal maintenance.
    • Extreme durability with breakaway bottom/curtain and self repairing features.
    • Enhanced safety & security.
    • Attractive, clean, professional appearance.
    • Protection against harsh weather conditions.
    • Noise reduction.
  • We provide 24/7/365 service & support for our Rytec high performance & high cycle door solutions. Question? Problem? Warranty service? Preventative maintenance? Aftermarket parts & accessories? New application opportunities? No problem. Our trained Rytec experts are at your command, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your high performance door solutions.