About RYTEC Doors

American Door and Dock is proud to partner with a manufacturer who shares our commitment to quality and performance. We believe, based on our 40 years of experience, that Rytec delivers the best products available for your high performance and high cycle applications. Our partnership with Rytec enables us to provide high performance, high cycle doors made from the finest raw materials, produced by the hands of skilled craftsmen, custom tailored to your unique needs, and delivered on time with great care. Rytec’s quality door products and American Door and Dock’s expert solution integration services ensure your long term ROI.

With over 50,000 doors in operation worldwide, Rytec is the leading US manufacturer of high speed, high performance doors. Wisconsin based Rytec is exclusively focused on rolling, folding, and sliding doors for industrial, commercial, and cold storage applications. It’s Rytec’s only business. Leading companies around the world specify Rytec for one reason, a competitive advantage. Rytech helps end users save time and increase the efficiency of their industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations by improving traffic flow and boosting productivity.

Rytec doors save energy and reduce heating & cooling costs in cold storage and freezer facilities where climate control is the focus of the customer business. Rytec doors help control the environment which is critical for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, and essential for clean room applications. Rytec doors also increase security and protection while enhancing the architectural qualities of the facilities they serve. Whatever the industry or application, high performance is built into every Rytec door. Rytec doors are fast, safe, and extremely durable. With its track record of product innovation and quality, Rytec sets the standard for high performance in the door industry.

Since 1985, whether it’s the first high speed folding door in the US, the first break-away bottom bar, or the first high speed door designed specifically for food processing, pharmaceutical, and clean room applications, Rytec’s patented, state-of-the-art technologies, award winning designs, and history of innovation continue to drive the industry.

Rytec’s engineers are committed to researching the application challenges of today and developing new technologies for tomorrow. From operator safety to product testing, Rytec devotes 100% of its R&D resources to high performance doors. Rytec has its own wind tunnel which generates up to 125mph winds to insure the optimal performance of its doors against the elements.

The entire Rytec team is committed to advancing customer care. From sales, installation, and training to service and support, it’s how Rytec defines success. Since high performance doors are its only business, you can trust Rytec’s people, technology, and focus.

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