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A dock leveler aligns a truck's height with the building's height, allowing forklifts or hand pallet trucks to safely load & unload the truck. Dock levelers can be beneficial to almost any loading dock operation.  If trucks are not within the height differential of a dockboard or you want to turn trucks around quickly, then dock levelers are a great investment. 

In the case of an operation loading or unloading one or two trucks per day, the 5 minutes it may take to move a dockboard to the edge of the building and deploy into the truck might be considered a minor time investment depending on the nature of the operation. But consider an operation unloading 12 trucks per day.  12 five minute delays per day is an hour per day of wasted labor.  This makes the ROI of a dock leveler well worth considering.

Nordock has 30+ years of solid performance and a common goal of providing the best possible products and value.  Nordock manufactures a full line of loading dock equipment including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, scissor lifts, truck levelers, dock seals, and a comprehensive line of accessories.  Nordock has the unique capability to design and manufacture specialty engineered products for loading dock, safety, and lift applications.


Experience the Benefits, Advantages, and ROI of Nordock Dock Levelers
Productivity   •    Safety       Energy Efficiency      Ease of Operation & Maintenance

Nordock Industrial Series Mechanical Dock Levelers 
Nordock Industrial Series mechanical dock levelers are the ultimate in strength, ease of use and reliability. They come equipped with an exclusive lip lug and header plate design, easy release hold-down with unlimited float, and full yielding walkout lip extension for smooth & efficient operation. Standard features include working range side guards, retractable deck stop legs, night locks and a comprehensive warranty. The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lug connections for maximum strength. The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections, and lugs are constructed of minimum 50-55,000 PSI yield material. A standard center deck beam and welded side guards provide additional deck plate support. The continuous rear hinge provides 4" of side-to-side tilt with no pinch point.
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Nordock Heavy-Metal Series Mechanical Dock Levelers
Nordock's Heavy-Metal Series mechanical dock levelers provide unbeatable service in facilities where strength & reliability matter. The Heavy-Metal leveler has more standard features than any other comparable product. Standard features include Nordock's exclusive auto-sensing holdown and a full yieldable walk-down lip extension for the smoothest and easiest operating mechanical leveler. Also included are working range toe guards, retracting solid steel deck stops, night security locks, end loading control and integral maintenance strut. The operator releases the holdown at the rear of the platform until the deck is raised and stopped. The operator walks the platform down extending the lip onto the truck bed. The deck floats up & down with the truck during loading. The standard 16" long lip extends & engages a truck bed 12" above and below floor level.
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Nordock Heavy-Duty Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers
Nordock Heavy-Duty Series hydraulic dock levelers feature easy one-step push button control and are the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability. Hydraulic power provides smooth, efficient operation The power unit is a frame mounted integral assembly fully tested and oil filled. The motor is a totally enclosed non-ventilated type available in all voltages. Regenerative hydraulic cylinders are a heavy-duty design with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high-pressure seals. The operator presses the control button until the deck is raised and the lip is fully extended. Releasing the button allows the lip to lower onto the truck bed. The operator stores the leveler by pressing the control button until the lip fully retracts. The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength.  
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Nordock Industrial Series Air-Powered Dock Levelers
Nordock's Airdock Industrial Series air-powered dock levelers feature patented Next Generation Air technology and Pull-Action lifting system. The Pull-Action lifting system maximizes efficiency by using the entire power of the airbag to lift the deck. During the loading operation, the airbag remains stationary and fully protected. The Auto-Descent lip extension uses the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip, unlike higher maintenance flip lip designs that compromise available lifting power. The Air-Stop Deck Control dock operator has the ability to stop the descent of the deck with a push of a button to avoid an obstruction or for safety and convenience in positioning the maintenance supports. The reinforced PVC coated single chamber balanced airbag is protected over 99% of the time from environmental contamination.   
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    • We have the experience and product knowledge to solve any dock related problem or challenge. There are many factors that go into making your dock operation run smoothly. We consult with you to identify areas for increased efficiency, safety, time and cost savings. We're seasoned experts at making sure all the right pieces are in place for increasing efficiency, safety, and stability for your dock operation.

      • Dock levelers including mechanical, hydraulic, and air powered.
      • Vehicle restraints and safety products.
      • Integrated control systems.
      • Dock seals and shelters.
      • Lift products.
      • Aftermarket parts & accessories.

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