High Performance Doors & High Cycle Doors

High Performance and High Cycle Doors are designed to increase productivity, reduce energy costs, improve materials flow, increase employee safety, and decrease maintenance costs. We consult on, specify, install, and maintain high performance doors with a focus on ROI over a door solution’s entire life cycle. You can rely on American Door and Dock to assess and provide your high performance door solution for long term operational benefits and cost savings.

Our Value

  • We know high performance and high cycle doors inside and out, and we have completed hundreds of successful commercial and industrial high speed and specialty door projects across a wide range of industries and applications. Our high performance door solutions are ideal for applications in industrial and commercial facilities such as warehouses, food processing facilities, storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.
  • We recognize and consult with you on opportunities to increase your operating efficiency and productivity with high performance doors. Low cycle life? Slow speeds? Lost energy due to slow speeds? Easily worn out parts and wait time on repairs? Limited durability in high cycle areas? Our solution specialists can help with high performance door options custom tailored to your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • We are dedicated to delivering measurable ROI with our high performance door solutions. Our strategic consulting, planning, and implementation approach yields tangible results for you from day one. See anything you like?
    • Reduced energy costs.
    • Increased productivity with opening and closing speeds up to 180 inches per second
    • Lower overall operating costs.
    • Lower transmission of contaminants.
    • High cycle capabilities with 1 million+ cycles and minimal maintenance
    • Extreme durability with breakaway bottom/curtain and self repairing features
    • Enhanced safety & security.
    • Attractive, clean, professional appearance.
    • Protection against harsh weather conditions.
    • Noise reduction.
  • We provide 24/7/365 service and support for your high performance and high cycle door solutions. Questions? Problems? Warranty service? Preventative maintenance? Aftermarket parts & accessories? New application opportunities? No problem. Our trained experts are at your command, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your high performance door solutions.

Our Manufacturer

We partner with hand picked manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and performance. We believe, based on our 50 years of experience, that the Rytec and Hormann high performance door manufacturers we represent deliver the best products available. Our partners provide high speed and other specialty doors made from the finest raw materials, produced by the hands of skilled craftsmen, custom tailored to your unique needs, and delivered on time with great care. These quality door products and our expert solution integration services ensure your long term ROI.

Rytec is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high performance doors for commercial and industrial environments. When you buy a Rytec door you not only get high speed and high performance, you get the backing of the undisputed leader in the industry. That means the comfort of working with a company known around the world for making doors that work day in and day out, cycle after cycle.

Hörmann High Performance Doors is committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of German engineered and American made products. Whether industrial doors, or commercial doors, they have the high speed roll up door you are looking for. Their product line gives you the ability to accommodate any roll up door application from one high speed door manufacturer.