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Regular Checkups Can Help Ensure Safe, Productive Dock Operations

Mar 22

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Why Get a Dock Health Checkup?

Loading docks are integral to many companies’ operations. Effective dock operations are essential to making sure loading and unloading happens safely and without delays, and that products and materials arrive at their destinations in the best possible condition whether inbound or outbound.

Unfortunately, many companies take their dock health for granted and end up reacting to problems as they come up. This approach can spiral and result in costly, time consuming issues and down time. A proactive approach to dock health can enhance safety and efficiency, and generate cost savings for your organization.

Safety is at the forefront of dock health. But spotting risks and addressing safety concerns before they become problems isn’t easy. It takes experience and product knowledge to effectively conduct a dock health checkup because there are so many factors that go into making a dock operation run smoothly.

A dock health checkup by a seasoned expert can help put all the right pieces in place for increasing efficiency, safety, and stability for your docks. The checkup should look at all the operational elements and include recommendations for any necessary equipment and process enhancements.


Examine all loading dock equipment and accessories including levelers, vehicle restraints, overhead doors, communications systems, and vehicle detection systems. Gauge the strength of the dock leveler as well as the operating effectiveness of the dock bumpers. Recommend if service is needed and/or specify a schedule for cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments.

Dock Seals and Shelters

Energy cost savings and employee comfort are great reasons to put seals and shelters into their own dock health category. Check overhead door jamb and bottom seals for damage, as well as dock leveler perimeter seals. Recommend and specify replacement seals as necessary. If your facility accommodates trailers with swing doors,  the hinge gaps can result in 2.5 to 3 square feet of open, unsealed space. Make sure the dock shelter is effectively sealing these gaps.


Check for any repair or replacement requirements. For doors too damaged to repair, identify the causes. Recommend and specify more durable, high impact doors as necessary.  In these cases a high performance / high cycle door solution could make sense and perform cost/benefit analysis.

Weather Vulnerability

Keeping your docks dry is essential to safety and productivity. A decline dock can allow rain and snow to penetrate the loading dock. Recommend and specify rain diversion header seals if necessary.

Equipment Upgrade and Replacement

Gauge the life expectancy of the existing dock equipment. Recommend and specify upgrades as necessary.  Moving from mechanical to push-button operation or adding vehicle restraints are good examples.

In some cases, older (20+ years) docks aren’t equipped to handle contemporary load and trailer sizes. This can result in damage to overhead doors and tracks as well as sidewalls and dock bumpers. Recommend and specify replacement equipment as necessary with a focus on growth not only in the amount of traffic but also load and trailer sizes. Look at long term ROI to understand how your investment will pay off with more productivity and safety, and less risk to your facility, equipment, and products.

Experience and Expertise Matter

Consider the benefits and advantages of an experienced solution provider for your dock health checkup. A qualified solution provider will not only perform your checkup quickly, but also help you design an effective, well balanced dock strategy to fit your unique operational requirements and deliver long term ROI.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a free, no obligation dock health checkup.
Some restrictions apply. Your checkup must be scheduled by March 31, 2013.

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